Industry–research collaboration to reduce food wastage

A lady smiling while using scientific equipment at university.
Dr Hamid, research fellow at Griffith University’s School of Engineering, has been collaborating with SuperCool Asia Pacific on a thermal sensor system.

With Innovation Connections support, Queensland’s SuperCool Asia Pacific company is collaborating with Griffith University researchers to develop new technology to reduce food spoilage and wastage, particularly in the refrigerated food transport and storage industry.

Innovation Connections is part of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme and has been expanded under the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

The company is an industry leader in refrigeration and air conditioning and is working with Griffith University to develop and commercialise a thermal response sensor. The device eliminates the need to manually probe food products to check the temperatures of food in the refrigeration transport industry.

“The thermal behaviour of food changes for many different reasons and the mathematics behind these processes are very complex,” says SuperCool Asia Pacific managing director, Mark Mitchell, who has just returned from showing the technology in Germany and the Netherlands.

“Our new SuperSense product has global market potential in the transport, food manufacturing and refrigeration industries.

“As a company, we were already working on developing this sensor and Innovation Connections funding has provided necessary finance to progress the project.”

SuperCool Asia Pacific accessed an earlier Australian Government Research Connections grant to develop its thermal response sensor and in 2016, accessed an Innovation Connections grant, to continue its collaboration with Griffith University to test and further develop the technology.

SuperCool will own the eventual licence for the technology and has matched both of the Australian Government grants dollar for dollar.

“Innovation Connections is a government run service that works in the real world,” Mitchell says.

“Our relationship with Griffith University researchers is now so strong, we could work together on many different projects in the future.”

Innovation Connections is one of four elements offered  under the Australian Government Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

For more information visit Innovation Connections and SuperCool.

Published January 2017