Engagement and Impact Assessment pilot complete

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The development of the Engagement and Impact Assessment (EI Assessment) is now being finalised. The EI Assessment—an important measure identified in the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda aims to encourage universities to focus on improving their engagement and the translation of research into wider social, economic, environmental and other benefits. It will be conducted by the Australian Research Council (ARC) as a companion to the Excellence in Research for Australia program which evaluates the quality of Australia’s university research.

Last year, through a Steering Committee and supporting working groups—comprising representatives and experts from industry and the university sector—the indicators of engagement and impact were developed for testing in a pilot.

The pilot has now taken place. In May 2017, the ARC received submissions from the universities participating in the pilot. There was enthusiastic participation of almost all of Australia’s universities. This provided extensive data for the assessment panels to effectively test the assessment process.

The assessment panel members completed their assessments in June. They made ratings and provided feedback on each unit that universities submitted. This feedback will help universities prepare for the first full assessment in 2018.

The processes tested in the pilot are currently being reviewed. Data and feedback from the universities and experts involved in the pilot is also being reviewed.

In the coming months, the ARC will publish a report on the outcomes of the pilot and release the draft guidelines for university submissions to the EI 2018 Assessment.

For more information please visit the ARC website.

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