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Former Industry, Innovation and Science Minister Christopher Pyne: National Innovation and Science Agenda

Video transcript

Technology and science are changing the way we live our lives, the way we work and the way our economy grows.

What we consider cutting edge today, our children will look back on as ancient history. As we make the transition to a 21st century economy we’d actively encourage innovation to grow the jobs of the future. Innovation is everyone’s business. It can happen in the classroom on the land in businesses and in every job, industry and sector of the economy.

Australia’s best resource is its people and we all need to work together to transform our future. Innovation isn’t just entrepreneurs chasing the next Facebook. It’s not just a word that belongs in TV commercials for a new type of vacuum cleaner or juice extractor. These things may be innovative but they don’t define what it is.

Innovation is a way of improving everything, making everything more viable, more productive, often simpler and certainly more effective. It involves all of us and applies to all endeavours.

The National Innovation and Science Agenda will help innovative businesses and support entrepreneurs change the way our world-class research and businesses work together, build on our strengths in science and exponentially grow the way we commercialise our ideas and it encourages government to be an exemplar of innovation.

But above all it will prepare young Australians for the opportunities of the future, making sure they have the skills they need to create new ideas, turn those ideas into reality and reap the rewards of taking risks, learning from failure and embracing opportunity.